Technically, spring should be right around the corner. Unfortunately, this stubborn Quebec winter will not give up so easily. It’s pretty much like this every year, but we always seem to forget. Whether you’re a cold weather enthusiast or a grumpy ol’ hibernating grouch, it’s not always easy to accept.

It’s the last stretch.

If you’re lucky enough to have some extra time and money, last minute deals will fly you south for a week and help you forget about your frostbite blues, honestly.

If you’re poor, you’ll have to wait it out some more.

So how does that make you feel?

Tired, frustrated, sad, mad and tired all over again. Patience is not your friend at this point, and the cold wind is a cruel bully that shoves you in your locker and steals your lunch money.

But wait, what’s that in the sky?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, not exactly… it’s the sun… and he’s smiling bright and happy. Reminding us not to worry, with his majestic rays of confidence and positivity. Behold, Ra the almighty!

Our king and liberator will lead the way to optimism and life. Filling our body with motivational energy, vitamin D. Like crackheads we tweak and yearn for another hit. The winter market and its shortage is a long and painful one indeed. Everyone needs a fix.

Nevertheless, our sun is a taunting little rascal you see. He likes to fuck with us doesn’t he!

Alternating abundance and scarcity, he strengthens our addiction and stimulates our dopamine levels. We want more, more, more sunny days and warm weather. No more cold and freezing pain… ever!

So we’ll binge and use till we overdose in July. Then, we shall pray for rehabilitative shade and air conditioning… begging for mercy. You see the sun is very wise and industrious, so he holds a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet document and tracks our junkie debt like a Wall Street accountant.

Powerless, like slaves, we harvest his crops in autumn as he prepares once more for his vacation to the southern hemisphere. Leaving us with old man winter again at the end of the next year.

So is the sun really our friend?

Should we trust him once again?