Oftentimes, not all the time, but sometimes: I take a step back. I look at my life and feel the void. The emptiness that haunts most of us. The lack of satisfaction. The quest for a true purpose and direction.

My shoulders can carry the weight… after all, isn’t that what life is? A neverending rat race? We feel like ants as we work collectively to serve the elite. Consume pleasure and pain on our way to the top.

Now suddenly it hits me like a bright light in the distance. A dear caught in the headlights of my better consciousness. Surely, we are prisoners of a system that rewards convergence and conformity, but it is a cage from which only we ourselves hold the magical key. It is more than just a perception, because it acts like gravity and keeps us from getting lost in space. It collectively speaks to us through what we call reality.

  • Those who preach would have us believe a greater force is at play. It’s all part of a plan. Designed by the almighty. Just worship the unknown, for beyond, lies the key.
  • Those who rationalize prefer to calculate probability. The laws of cause and effect lead the way to understanding the truth in all its certainty.
  • Those who ponder all possibilities create themselves a healthy balance through moderation and open mindedness; anchorless, lost at sea.

“But in the end, what does it all mean?”

When I listen carefully, the answers seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Realizing it’s all in my mind. So I return to the date and time.

Off to work we go, to make something of ourselves. To feed our children and grow old. To die with fulfilling content.

We all need content.

So we take out our shopping karts and fill them up to the skies. The aisles are stockpiled with time killing strategies. Knowing very well the day will come, when our karts will be abandoned and returned to our mother earth. The one who changed our dirty diapers and put up with our ridiculous tantrums.

She is our true reality.

So drink responsibly.