Fade-in to whatever the setting may be.

Whether the sun is shining or the birds are chirping, your head is in another place and the cobwebs are not clearing. There is work to be done. Your To Do list is attacking you with ASAPs. So pick up the pace and yield to your obligations. Strong coffee. Like a kick in the face. You know it’s only temporary. Hi-ho, hi-ho, off and about you go.

Hello, hello, how are you today my dear fellow? Small talk helps you forget your lack of taste and smell. Time reminds you there is no escape. The routine is your master. You must kneel down and obey. If you fail to comply your conscience will guilt you to death. If you try to ask yourself why, you’ll waste your precious time in hell.

Best not to think. Just go, do and finish. Then get the fuck out and start all over again. Capisce?

Unless… you take a step back and enjoy the cruise control state. Thank society, roll with the punches and enjoy your zombie day. Tomorrow you shall embark on a new journey. One that might need your full attention.

So seriously… get the fuck up!